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Shurco 4500 Series HD

Shurco 4500 Series HD
Shurco 4500 Series HD
Shurco 4500 Series HD

The 4500 Series HD features a powerful American-made motor with all-metal gearbox and incredibly reliable magnetic brake. Heavy-duty extruded aluminum torsion arms are equipped with patented spiral-reinforced elbows for flexibility to move smoothly over loads.

Available for all trailer makes and models! The 4500 Series HD’s motor produces optimal rather than increased torque (which can harm your tarp system). No electrical energy is used to actuate the brake, so there are no electrical connections to misfire. A patented pivoting motor mount allows for any misalignment of the roll tube without stress to the system.

The heavy-duty arms are the strongest in the industry, backed with a lifetime warranty. They come preassembled with a super-sturdy mounting bracket (no backer plate needed in most installs). The roller bearing- style rear arm bracket has a low-friction design that won’t wear out. Both arms are inset to prevent obstruction of clearance lights.

An improved rubber boot on the flex-joint guards against damage from field and road debris. An additional flex-joint, called the Gate Flex™ option, bypasses side- and top-mount hinges to accommodate tailgates. A protective bolt-on shroud facilitates easy motor access.

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Key Features

  • Spiral Spring Return
  • HD Front/Rear Extruded Aluminum Torsion Arms w/Flex-Elbow and Boot
  • HD Mounting Bracket
  • Dual-Pivot Motor Mount – The pivoting motor mounting bracket offers freedom on two different axes to easily accommodate the occasional bent roll tube or uneven tarp roll. The custom protective bolt-on shroud provides additional motor protection from nature’s elements.
  • Custom Motor Shroud
  • Sealed Control Box – The new trailer-mounted control box from Shur-Co® has fully sealed control switches for better internal component protection. The new design eliminates potential grime buildup between switches, which can cause the buttons to stick.
  • SMARTwire™ Sealed Harness – Our patented SMARTwire’s sealed connections make installation easy – no additional wire stripping or crimping of connections required. The SMARTwire™ harness has molded rubber connectors and automotive silicone seals, precision-machined brass pins and sockets and dual 6-gauge wire.
  • SMART2™ or SMART3™ Remote – SMART-touch technology for precision control of Shur-Co® electrics! The SMART2™ remote offers 2-way communication in an easy-to-read digital display.