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Introducing the International® HX™ Series. Four tough new models, each engineered to outwork and outlast, hour after demanding hour. The HX Series is designed to endure the most punishing of jobsites, and to look great while doing it. Not to mention providing its driver a spacious, comfortable environment for work, day in and day out. Built to sustain whatever comes its way, and extensively tested to move you to the head of the class.

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HX Construction

HX Construction

Durability, reliability, drivability. To do the job right, you need it all. With the industry’s only available 3.5 million RBM 0.5″ huck-bolted single rail frame, driver-friendly compact hood and set-forward front axle built to tackle stringent axle weight restrictions with optimal maneuverability, the HX™ Series more than delivers.

HX Crane

HX Crane

Raise your expectations of what a crane truck can be. Featuring a three-piece sloped Metton hood for greater visibility, DriverFirst™-inspired cab suspension, and a seamless point-to-point electrical system for easy operation and adaptability, the HX™ Series sets the bar well beyond the reach of the competition.

HX Heavy Haul

HX Heavy Haul

Whether moving fresh-cut timber, transporting bulk aggregate or hauling heavy equipment, the HX™ Series is built to carry the load. With the relentless power of the Cummins ISX15 and your choice of double reduction or tridem rear axles up to 70,000 lbs., you know you have the muscle for the job.

HX Concrete Mixers

HX Concrete Mixers

The work doesn’t move forward if your job isn’t done. That’s why for mixer configurations, the HX™ Series with its huck-bolted frame and cross members, asymmetrical front spring packs and big bore diesel engine options has been designed, built and proven to bring day-in, day-out durability and reliability to every worksite.


  • 370 – 475 HP
  • Torque
  • 1,350-1,700 lb-ft
  • GVW
  • 52,000 – 92,000 lbs.
  • Cab Configurations
  • Day Cab
  • Low-Roof Sleeper Cab
  • Hi-Rise Sleeper Cab
  • Engines
  • International:
    • A26 12.4L: 370–475 HP, 1,350–1,700 lb.-ft.
  • Cummins:
    • X15 15L: 450–605 HP, 1,650–2050 lb.-ft.
  • Navistar:
    • N13 13L: 450–605 HP, 1,650–2050 lb.-ft.
  • Rear Axles
  • Tandem Rear Axle (6×4)
    • Dana:
      • Single and Two Speed: 40,000 – 46,000 lbs.
    • Meritor:
      • Single and Double Reduction: 40,000 – 70,000 lbs.
  • Tridem Rear Axle (8×6)
    • Meritor:
      • 53,000 lbs.
  • Front Axles
  • HX515 / HX520
    • Dana: 16,000 – 20,000 lbs.
    • Meritor: 12,000 – 20,000 lbs.
  • HX615 / HX620 SBA
    • Dana: 16,000 – 22,000 lbs.
    • Meritor: 13,200 – 22,000 lbs.
  • Suspensions
  • Front:
    • HX515 / HX520 SFA
      • Multi-leaf: 20,000 lbs
      • Parabolic Taper-leaf: 12,000 – 20,000 lbs.
    • HX615 / HX620 SBA
      • Multi-leaf: 14,000 – 23,000 lbs.
      • Parabolic Taper-leaf: 12,000 – 20,000 lbs.
      • Slipper-Type: 20,000 – 24,000 lbs.
  • Rear:
    • Spring Suspensions
      • Chalmers: 40,000 – 52,000 lbs.
      • Hendrickson HMX: 40,000 – 46,000 lbs.
      • Hendrickson R, RS, RT: 46,000 – 80,000 lbs.
    • Air Suspensions:
      • Hendrickson HAS: 40,000 – 46,000 lbs. 55″ and 60″ spacing
      • Hendrickson PRIMAAX®: 46,000 – 52,000 lbs. 55″, 60″, 72” spacing
      • Hendrickson PAX Tridem: 69,000 lbs.
  • Transmissions
  • Manual:
    • Eaton:8LL, 9ALL, 10, 13, 15, 18-speed
  • Automated Manual:
    • Eaton UltraShift+: 8LL, 9ALL, 18-speed
  • Automatic:
    • Allison Automatic: 4000 Series RDS, EVS, OFS
  • Available Engines

    Cummins ISX15

    Cummins ISX15

    Highly adaptable to a wide variety of needs, the Cummins ISX15 is one of the most popular heavy-duty engines in North America. Choose the performance that matters to you with horsepower ratings options from 400hp-600hp and up to 2,050 lb.-ft. of torque. A standard engine brake and impressive power confirm the ISX15 is a proven and compliant platform, always ready to get your job done.

    When you need extreme horsepower without sacrificing on fuel economy, the ISX15 is the engine for your job. The Cummins ISX15 engine delivers impressive fuel economy with improvements to the water pump, fuel pump, piston oil rings and piston cooling nozzle to reduce parasitic losses. The XPI Fuel System delivers a precise quantity of fuel at ultra-high pressures. This, together with more robust electronic engine controls, enables multiple injection events per cycle.

    The Cummins ISX15 combines the brute power needed to haul loads up steep inclines with fuel economy that your bottom line will appreciate. With a broad range of horsepower ratings up to 600hp and 2,050 lb.-ft. of torque, the ISX15 has the power to get any job done right. The variable geometry turbocharger enhances response and control with electric actuation for infinite adjustment, providing exact boost at any rpm.


    Navistar N13

    Compacted graphite iron (CGI) delivers higher strength and more fatigue resistance than traditional gray iron. Navistar has always used compacted graphite iron for the N13 crankcase.

    Single overhead camshaft uses industry-leading assembled camshaft technology. This allows lobes to be produced from tool grade steel, delivering unsurpassed durability.

    Single stage EGR cooler has been designed to maximize durability. The no fin design delivers consistent performance by preventing soot plugging. Stainless steel throughout the EGR cooler prevents corrosion. Laser welding delivers excellent thermal fatigue resistance.

    2200 bar high pressure common rail fuel system precisely controls fuel atomization, with multiple injection technology. Smooth engine operation and clean combustion extend engine life.

    Foamed wiring harnesses allow mounting brackets to be molded into the wiring harness. Bolts secure the wiring harnesses, delivering the most consistent routing and clipping of any wiring harness technology.

    Polymer coated bearings are used on the crankshaft main journal bearings and connecting rod bearings. When oil pressure is low, such as while starting the engine, the coatings protect the engine from wear as oil pressure builds.

    International A26

    International® A26

    Based on the MAN® D26 engine platform, then perfected for the North American market.

    Uptime: Backed by the industry’s best in class 2 year, unlimited mile, unlimited hour warranty.

    Weight: At 2,299lbs, it’s the lightest engine in its class.

    Noise: The A26’s uniquely sculpted crankcase, which is isolated from the oil pan through a specially designed rubber gasket absorbs vibration and reduces harshness for a quieter in-cab experience.

    Fuel Efficiency: Up to 5% more fuel-efficient than the 2017 N13 engine.

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