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GEM-L Aluminum Agricultural Trailers

GEM-L Conveyor Trailer

Conveyor Trailers

The GEM-L is an efficient and dependable conveyor system paired with a Maurer aluminum trailer. Trailers are available in several lengths and heights, with several hopper configurations. The GEM-L Conveyor comes standard with belt and horizontal/vertical swing arm controls at the rear of the trailers and the top of the conveyor arm. This gives you full control of the conveyor and arm location while standing on your air seeder platform.

Fast Operation and Full Control

Lost time and spilled product both cost money. The GEM-L conveyor’s quick moving design with virtually no spillage keeps that money in your pocket! Urea fertilizer can be moved at 2,750 pounds per minutes, giving you the fastest product transfer speed on the market. The conveyor comes standard with user controls mounted at the rear of the trailer, and on the upper conveyor, giving you control of your entire operation!

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GEM-L Conveyor Trailer

Grain Boxes

The smooth sided panels on the GEM-L grain box are the key to an exceptional clean out. Unlike traditional corrugated sides, there is no place for mud to build up when hauling sugar beets. Countersunk hucks in the floor, and 45 degree ribs in the side skins, ensure no product hang ups. Optional rib covers provide a smooth inside wall for chopping silage.

And Built to Last

The GEM-L aluminum grain box uses a unique floor design that allows it to stand up to the toughest conditions, while saving thousands of pounds when compared to most steel boxes. Our combination of a hucked, and welded floor, make it the perfect box for the sugar beet market.

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