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PayStar® combines unmatched strength with unequalled durability to meet any challenge you can throw at it. On-or off-highway, no job is above its pay grade. Wherever you find trucks being called upon to perform above and beyond the call of duty, you’ll find a PayStar leading the way. Harsh conditions and challenging locations are familiar terrain for this truck. From heavy hauling, to construction dumping, to severe weather plowing, PayStar is built to finish strong. These days, your business needs a truck that can be counted on day-in and day-out to deliver the results you demand. And we’re confident when we say that with a PayStar on your side, when the rubber hits the road, it’s the road that will give in.

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International PayStar USAGE

PayStar Mixer Trucks

With the toughest frame in the industry, the PayStar chassis already stands up to its environment. But now, with an integrated Continental mixer, it also stands out from the competition. Continental mixers are designed to provide maximum stability, both on and off the road. And their proprietary fin design charges and discharges concrete rapidly and uniformly. So your PayStar mixer spends less time at the batch plant or job site. And more time delivering payloads.

Perhaps best of all, an integrated PayStar mixer allows you to one-stop shop for purchasing, parts, service, warranties and support at select International dealers. Making it the perfect integration of convenience and lower cost of ownership.


PayStar Government Trucks

In some places, there’s just no messing around. In areas where ordinary trucks quit, PayStar pulls up and gets it done. The International® PayStar® is built to answer the call through raging blizzards, torrential downpours and whatever else gets thrown in its path. With up to 600 HP, 2,050 lb –ft of torque, available all-wheel drive, and a Huck-bolted chassis, PayStar never backs down from a fight. And with a spacious, quiet cab, it won’t be hard to keep the noise where it belongs…outside.

No matter how unpredictable the work can get, PayStar takes charge with enhanced performance, service and maintenance.


PayStar Construction Vehicles

When tough work is the daily test of your mettle, rely on the power and rugged performance of International® PayStar®. With an extra-strong frame-rail, 5-piece cross-member system and Huck-bolted chassis components, the PayStar frame is built to scale the highest peaks or reach the most inaccessible areas. Offering 120,000 PSI rails, and up an RBM up to 4.87 million in-lbs for maximum strength-to-weight ratio. Which means it can haul more, get more done and stand up to the daily beating the job dishes out.

With design features created to improve performance, service and maintenance, PayStar spends more time on the job and less in the shop.


International PayStar BENEFITS


‘Moving mountains’ might not be in the job description, but pounding through hills of rock, grit and gravel is on line one. The International® PayStar® 5900 with a 47” set-back axle combines unrelenting performance and incredible front-load distribution to cut through the grit, gravel and grime to deliver results. Throw in a high payload capacity and see how PayStar gets the job done without breaking a sweat. To get the toughest jobs done, call on the toughest truck. You may be working in some unfriendly places, but it’s good to know that with the International PayStar, you’ll always be miles ahead.


International PayStar PERFORMANCE

PayStar® makes its living in places the weak fear to think about, let alone tread. Oil fields, construction sites and rock quarries call for a special breed. Rugged, purpose-built and proud, PayStar takes a head-on approach to the most demanding work. From horsepower, torque and payload capacity, to frame-rail construction, you've got what it takes to keep running strong.


International PayStar UPTIME

PayStar® comes standard with Huck-bolted chassis components, providing incredible durability and strength. Huck bolts will not loosen or need to be re-torqued, so you won't be shaken up by anything you run up against.


International PayStar SATISFACTION

Severe service means powering through the toughest conditions on Earth. That kind of work needs a truck as comfortable as it is commanding. And with the International® PayStar®, you get the comfort features you need in extreme environments.


International PayStar ENGINES



4 Cycle Inline-6 12.4L, Up to 1,700 lb-ft Torque and 475 HP

Navistar Big Bore engines deliver outstanding fuel economy, excellent power characteristics, and exceptionally smooth and quiet ride, and high strength without added weight.

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4 Cycle Inline-6 14.9L, Up to 2,500 lb-ft Tourque and 600 HP

The Cummins ISX15 combines the brute power needed to haul loads up steep inclines with fuel economy that your bottom line will appreciate. With a broad range of horsepower ratings and powerful torque the ISX15 has the power to get any job done right.

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International PayStar Gallery

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